Helping nonprofits make our world better

Nonprofit organizations protect our air, water and natural heritage; advocate for human rights; place animals in loving homes; bring the beauty of art and music to our communities; educate our children and encourage us to be involved in our democracy. They are the underlying threads of compassion and support that strengthen our communities.

At Butterflies in Progress (BiP), we help nonprofits work more efficiently and effectively so they can increase their impact and make our world a better place. Working closely with your board and staff, we can help your organization reach its goals and make your vision a reality.

Management consulting

Is your organization stalled? Do you feel you have significant unrealized potential? Chances are that your management team could use a refresh.

We can assist you with becoming “unstuck” and help you refocus and grow your organization with renewed energy and clear results. Give us a call and get started!

Fundraising consulting

Butterflies in Progress can help you with major donor fundraising, capital campaigns, corporate fundraising, special events, and direct mail.

We have successfully assisted organizations with annual budgets ranging from $500,000 to $5 million.