Capital campaign feasibility studies

A feasibility study is essential for a successful capital campaign. It helps your organization set realistic goals, identify potential campaign leaders, begin to spread the word among possible lead gift donors and determine what preparation is necessary before beginning the campaign. To help you get started, Butterflies in Progress will:

  • Determine how your organization is viewed by prospective donors and community leaders
  • Discover how the community feels about your proposed project
  • Gather feedback about your organization and its mission
  • Assess your readiness to undertake a capital campaign, the amount that might be raised and the timeline for completion
  • Cultivate potential major donors and determine the size of the donor base (both number of donors and total dollar amount that can be raised), while presenting your organization’s plans during interviews conducted
  • Determine your leadership capabilities
  • Evaluate your capacity to conduct a successful campaign
  • Identify external factors beyond your control that could influence the campaign