Fundraising training for boards

When you ask someone for money, you are giving them an opportunity to invest in a worthwhile project that will benefit their community. What an honor for you both!

Board members have the responsibility to make certain their organization is carefully managed, is fulfilling its mission, and has sufficient financial resources at its command to implement current and future programs. The board of directors is the single most important element in nonprofit fundraising.

An enthusiastic, well-trained and well-connected board guarantees fundraising success. Butterflies in Progress will:

  • Briefly evaluate your current fundraising situation and capacity
  • Give your staff pointers on working with board members to reach your organization’s ultimate fundraising capacity
  • Energize your board to ask for money effectively and enthusiastically
  • Develop a fundraising training program that takes into consideration your board’s level of experience and your organization’s present goals and needs. This group training will leave your board members confident and prepared to make the big “ask.”