Organizational assessments

Butterflies in Progress can help you determine your organization’s strengths and areas for improvement and create a road map for your fundraising strategies, income projections, staffing recommendations and board participation possibilities.

BiP will assess your current systems and strategies and guide you in modifying your operations to maximize your organizational impact. Sometimes the slightest tweak can mean a significant increase in income and, oftentimes, we can use your current resources to improve your fundraising capacity. The organizational assessment includes:

  • Reviewing your organization’s financials
  • Observing your board in action during board and committee meetings
  • Assessing your current fundraising plan and actions
  • Analyzing your materials and your donor database
  • Conducting interviews with your stakeholders: board members and other volunteers, staff and donors
  • Evaluating each aspect of your materials and activities
  • Investigating new fundraising options
  • Researching which potential donors, including corporations, foundations and individuals—identified by your staff and board—are most likely to give, what their giving capacity is, and the best strategy for approaching them
  • Ensuring that your organization is in compliance with all employee regulations and is using best practices to recruit,  train, motivate and retain staff
  • Working with you to create a plan for moving forward step-by-step